For anyone who enjoys great technical death metal and plays bass, I have great news for you! I have figured out the bass line for the song and I am currently working on finishing the tab! In due time, we may all be able to play this masterpeice!
oh so you're working on completing the guitar tab not just the bass? i have that album and ive listened to it a lot but at the moment cant think of how that song goes. ill give it a listen but im probably not gonna be able to figure anything out haha. good luck with your tabbing, ill be looking for the final product.

saw these guys open for cannibal corpse a few months ago. ive got to say they had the most crystal clear live mix ive ever heard in my life. i couldnt believe it, you could hear every little detail of everything they were doing. in a band like this, thats really important too! it takes some really talented guys to pull that off.

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