Hello everyone, new to the boards, however not new to guitar, ive played for about 5 years now and to cut a long story short im now looking for quality books to learn music theory and techniques.

Im essentially a blues/metal guitarist, blues being a primary of course, i also have a love for classical and folk music, however i digress..

After searching around the internet, ive found many a book that teaches theory as well as techniques ( you know, the basics and then upward) however im skeptical of "customer" reviews and ratings online, as these can often be embellished or be one persons opinion.

So what i would like to know from you guys and gals here at UG is what are some good books to purchase, in the areas of.

Basic Music Theory
Advanced Music Theory
Guitar Techniques

Price range is not a problem.

If you could reply with the name of the book and author i would be very appreciative.

Sorry if this has already been posted and im of course willing to answer any questions you may need to ask to establish any of your answers.

At current i was considering purchasing Music in Theory and Practice by Bruce Benward in terms of theory, however if other quality theory books are available i would like to buy them also as ive found studying the same thing from different authors at times helps it sink in better.

Oh and i shall add, im aware there are most likely many websites and pdfs available that could provide what im looking for, but i find i learn better from a book than i do a computer screen.

The AB guide to music theory Part 1, the once you understand all of that get part 2, each is about £6. If I were you i wouldn't buy a technique book as most of them are just boring exercises you could make up yourself. Ask a teacher about technique instead.
Nothing new from me, though I would like to second metalzeppelin's book, we used it my Music Theory AP class (high school) but it covered everything you need to know.


That's a very handy (though admitedly basic) guide for chords, and if nothing else, provides a great reference source.
I just asked this question a few days ago, I was recommended Harmony and Voice Leading by Aldwell and Schachter. It's a college level theory textbook (and apparently is the standard book for some colleges), and it's sure to have alot of the things you need, from very basic to advanced.

He actually sent me a link to a pdf for it, give me a sec.


You can also buy it, but the price ranges from 60$ - 120$.
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