Ok, so in a few weeks I plan on getting the Carvin SBR410 halfstack. The only problem I have is that I can't tell how many watts it actually comes with. I know the head says it can do 600, but I don't think the actual halfstack pushes 600 does it? Also, would I have enough headroom to expand the cabinet with another 4x10 or not?

Thanks for your help.
no, more like 260.
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links are nice, makes me more inclined to help when I'm feeling lazy ^^


first result, second column has the wattage at each impedance level. Is that what you want?
depends, is it peak wattage or RMS? anything quoted in peak (like behringer tend to do) is a lie, pretty much. Halve it to get RMS, that's what REAL manufacturers quote their power output in.
The wattage is not necessarily important. Are you playing through a D I into a system, then the system will provide all the power you need. The more important thing to consider,is how the amp sounds.