Hey everyone,
I'm still pretty much a baddie at guitar, but I want to learn a few solos or know the basic steps to em.

I know a few penatonic scales and have practiced them, but I'm not looking to improvise solos just yet.

I'm trying to learn the solo in Stairway to Heaven ( don't flame haha ), and I'm just wondering, what is the best way to approach learning solos? ie, do you give each note a beat except for obvious vibrato holds or w/e, and then just turn a metronome on and do that...or some other technique? Such a cool sounding solo, if I can get this down I'd want to go for Whole Lotta Love's as well

Any advice is cool and thanks!

Oh ya, what effects are used for the Stairway one? :S Using a peavey vypyr, and I'm wanting it to get close to that sound
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don't learn Stairway just don't

there are thousands of other, better, less overplayed songs out there.

Play those
It's all just a joke

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don't learn Stairway just don't

there are thousands of other, better, less overplayed songs out there.

Play those

Its overplayed, so what? Its still an awesome solo. Id say continue learning it TS.

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For me, I just start learning it by parts, I'll memorize the first set of notes (as many as you want), then move on to the next, then put them together, and keep repeating. Once you have the whole thing memorized and have it in beat, then just keep practicing and the speed will come naturally.
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Ye, Stairways a good solo to learn. Nice pentatonic bits all over the neck. There's a reason lots of people learn it and listen to it. It's a brilliant solo. If you learn that, you'll be doing well.
The first thing I do is look at what key the song is in. Then I'll make sure I'm familiar with the scales that work in it. It's a lot easier to solo if you know what scales to use. You don't have to think too much about what the best way to finger something is. You will just know the notes and the shapes and you will have a better idea of what note is coming up. Another good thing to do is to split up the solo into several parts. Then you can just work at it one part at a time until you learn it all.

If a solo is too tough for you, just use the scales and do a bit of improv over it until you are ready to play the original solo. It will help a lot with your playing and will help you learn the solo.
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