i bought one the other day and it seems to be fine except some times it doesnt want to pick up the low E string when i try to tune it, ive heard that some times if its really loud it'll have a hard time working but the other 5 strings seem to pick up fine, its just the lowest string. anyone have this problem or a suggestion on how to fix it?
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use the 5th fret method if it's just one string
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Sometimes you have to try different spots on the headstock. Also I find it works better on acoustics; I don't use mine for my electrics anymore (actually I don't use it at all anymore, as my sister stole it to tune her violin )
i have one and like said. to get the low E you just need to tune it to A at the 5th fret.

i have to say, i use mine all the time. even with electrics.
sometimes i check really fast after i capo.

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