idk what to say about it really, most of it was very repetitive, and the rest was a dissonant mess, especially the parts with the acoustic, and most of the bass parts don't go.

But on the other hand, the solo section at the end was alright.
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ya i know it was a first tab and im just starting, thanks for being honest though
It was really bad, man. There's good dissonance and bad dissonance, what you have here, it bad dissonance. The chords seem just randomly places, and I can hear no scale. The bass clash with everything else, since you have them in standard and the guitars a half-step down. Everything just muddles up into an annoying puddle of sound, what rhythmic sections you did have were quickly destroyed by more unpleasant tones.

Next time, try to write some parts that agree with one another, and use dissonance to build up tension and give an uneasy feeling - not just to use dissonance.
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