I've been playing guitar for close to five years. I've only slowed down my playing and tried to perfect it since June of this year, starting at 60bpm. I am now at 80bpm.

For the time I've practiced slowly, I've been playing 2/3nps scales (mainly economy but some alt), tremelo picking, sweep picking, and all the modes in all keys.

I want to build the most comprehensive practice plan I can that will only take up 1/2-1 hour. I feel like my plan is getting me no where. I know it takes serveral months to see improvement but it's bothering me.

Basically, I am looking for exercises that will make me a cleaner and faster player.
look up guthrie govan (i apologize if misspelt) he has GREAT lessons on youtube. I learned a lot from his legato lesson and i thought i had it pegged.
I don't exactly have the amount of time you recommend every day. I think I could 1+hour sometimes, but not often.
Just bear in mind that how well you can play the exercises isn't important - what matters is how well it translates into your actual playing.
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I mean, if you're practicing scales you shouldn't only play that slow. You should play slow then when you can play perfectly at that speed, go faster. If you don't, of course you won't get better.