Ok, i've been playing for a couple years on some pretty shoddy equipment just because i was learning. Now however, i'm the lead guitarist in a band that plays mainly covers at the moment (we're only 15) that range from Paramore to Sabbath and everything inbetween. For this i wanted a fairly priced guitar and a decent amp. The guitar also needed to be reliable enough for gigging without a back-up. This is what i've decided on but could do with some suggestions.


The Ibanez RG321. Apparently it produces a nice tone with it's mahogany body and goes perfectly with all types of Rock. Also, i figured that when i need a bit more i could replace the pickups and then hopefully with the right pups and a little luck get the tone i've always wanted.


Amp wise i've got this. The Line 6 Spider III 30 Modeling Amp. It's models are Clean, Crunch (based around early rock tones), Metal (for Modern day rock) and Insane (i quote "dialed in for shredding"). So chances are that the Metal and Insane models coupled with the Ibanez will sound great. Not only this but it comes with it's own effects which id great for ease of use (easier for a beginner at playing live than stamping on pedals all day) and will help me find my *voice* as it were. Namely, the effects are :

Sweep Echo
Tape Echo

That's what i've come up with and hopefully should get the stock Ibanez and amp for about £350. Does this sound good to you guys and if not what would you suggest?
Not the Spider, it has bad sounds, yes sounds. It's distortion is very uncomfortable to play with.
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i dont see all this line 6 spider hate...if your on a budget it's perfect, seriously everybody dont have money, and some people cant access Kick A** equipment. btw i have the 15 watt.
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get a peavey vyper instead of the spider, it has better distortion
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get a peavey vyper instead of the spider, it has better distortion


and the ibanez is a good choice of guitar.

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