I'm thinking about getting a Marshall Haze MHZ40C. I was previously going to get a Marshall MG50watt, but the guy at my local music store (Midwest Music) showed me it and I tried it out. It's pretty cool. I play mainly Classic, hard, and blues-based rock. It's gonna run me about $700. (Currently, I have a Marshall MG15DFX, please, lets not make fun)

What do you guys think? Do any of you fellow UGers have one? Is it good? Is this a good price? I'd like to hear your comments!
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if you like it, buy it
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I played one, and its ok. People say its a MG with tubes, but its much better than that, its just not spectacular, and overpriced. I really think you could do alot better for the price. Do you gig?

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If you like it, go for it.
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If you like it then go for it definitely, but I do think they're over priced. Where are you based and what's your budget?

Edit: I just saw the $700 part

I'd agree with a used AC15, it's a great amp for what you need and is, in my opinion based off clips I've heard of the Haze, better than it.
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