Time for me to take the plunge and get a new laptop so things must go to make some money for it!

I have for sale:

Boss DR 670 Drum Machine "Dr Rhythm" - £140 (GAK price £279 new!)

Boss BE-5 'multi-fx' - £89

Roland Cube-15 - £50

Behringer V-Amp X (no Power supply - note it uses AC not DC!) - £15

Unbranded Chrome Snare - £30

Unknown brand bass bridge - £5

2 xbox 360 faceplate - Rainbow six vegas 2 - £8
- Black Elite - £4

Xbox 360 Games - Racedriver GRID £20
Gears of war 1&2 double pack - £20
Test drive unlimited - £13

And finally and randomly - A load of Sports Science textbooks (degree level) - Ask for prices and details

All prices don't include delivery but everything will be sent at cost, no ripping off buyers with crazy delivery fees like evil-bay. Not after trades unless you have any cymbals or snares going cheap. Will accept paypal, cheques, bank transfers or cash on collection. I've sold things on here before so should be on the good sellers list and have good feedback from you know where. I'll post pic links tonight or tomorrow and items can be described in more detail for condition and specs etc if needed.

Cheers! Here's wishing me luck!
Drum machine now on ebay (although can retract it if people still want to buy)

Everything else still available