Ok I have little experience with amplifiers, having only been playing under a year with a beginner amplifier that came with my guitar, and now I am starting to look for a new one. A good one.

Im looking for an amp which can give me a wide range of different tones, since I like all types of music, from hard rock and metal to blues and country, and im also looking for something which wont get me thrown out of my house for been too loud lol.

I came across the vox ad60 online. It is pretty expensive, about £400, which is as far as im willing to spend at the moment, but it sounds like it could be just what im looking for. It sounds perfect actually, but im a little unsure about the reliability of it.

So, just wondering if anyone can help me out here. Should I go for the vox because it sounds almost perfect or is there a better alternative?
Vox's are very versitile amps, and I would probably go with one.
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About a week ago I bought the Roland 80x cube or is it cube 80x but anyways it might be a little pricey i spent about $520 ( Canadian ) not sure what that comes to in pounds.
The amp has built in tuner, 8 different types of "pedal" sounds Looper, Delay, Phaser, Reverb and 4 more. It also has im pretty sure but not quite sicne I mainly sure 3 of them but it has 8 or 9 different types of distortion like Acoustic, Tweed, Metal, R-fier, Classic. I like it a lot because it will save me some money for the price of pedals and it sounds really great. I think it would be worth looking at.


guy who plays it while some what reviewing it hope it helps
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I have an old Fender Champion 110 that's served me well. Look into it.

The old fenders and the new ones for that matter are hard to beat IMHO.
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