Song my band recorded a while back, our first one want to hear any feedback you guys have its on my profile not sure which genre it fits in too but oh well
Really catchy drum beat and guitar riff... speaking of guitar, I think the tone is very well done and it is mixed in very well.
Vocals are very good too in my opinion... I love that hook too 'you drive me crazy'

However, I think it needs some sort of bridge to add variation to that main riff.
Don't get me wrong, this is a very good song... i just think it would benefit more from some variation here and there.

I think this is one of the best 'first band songs' i've seen on here!

Keep it up!

...can't get that riff out my head! argh!
Thanks, yeah ive found its missing something in there but im not sure what yet lol, most people i know hate the singing with a passion so im happy to see a change lol (ps: im on the guitar )
Haha, no i think the singing is great! Sound unique and familiar at the same time.
Guitar is the outstanding feature of the piece for me - did you make that main riff?

Don't get depressed if someone crits the singing or the band - there will always be people who don't like some music (who have no musical taste)... just continue and have fun!
Thanks again, the guitar was made before i joined the band but i changed it quite alot before it was recorded
omg wow, someone lkes us ( im on bass btw), like andy said everyone ususaly hates the singing parts in our band but if one guy likes us that gives me hope :p. and yeah can anyone help say what genre we are judging by that?
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I got told by a guitarist that it was 10 past 2 when it was clearly half past. Idiots, the lot of them.

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