My current rig is in my sig, so I won't list what I've got here
But it's my birthday coming up soon, so I was just wondering, what would you recommend I should get? New guitar? New gear? I think I'll sell the Cube 30X, it's a great amp, but now I've got the ME-50, I'm not using it's features.

I am also considering getting something instead of the ME-50.. It seems to taunt you with the possibility of getting "any tone" but I never can get the one I want.

Hopefully you can help with your opinions and suggestions

Edit: I play a lot of Muse, Rage Against The Machine, Radiohead, bands like that.. Should've included this in post
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Either a new guitar or, sell your cube and get a new amp. Maybe a low watt tube amp like a Blackstar or something along those lines.
id say new guitar
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well i don't know how much you wanna spend so either buy the Gibson Custom Jeff Beck 1954 Les Paul Oxblood Aged Signed or get a new amp or the BOSS GT-10 (or you can settle for that ME-50...)
i used to have a nearly identical rig. the 30x is awesome but just not powerful enough to play in a band setting.

ya dump the me-50 and invest in some pedals. the only good things on there are the delay and wah.
I'd go for money towards an amp.

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