got it as an early birthday present

Fender T Bucket 300CE
It plays great. It was listed as $500, but I was able to get the clerk to sell it for $320.
G&L Legacy
Fender Champ 600

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That is awesome. How much was it?

Nvm, I read your edit.
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Very very pretty and I bet it sounds nice.... the polka dot strap would have to go thou :P
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Im not huge on acoustics, but that is gorgeous.. congrats.

definitely in the wrong forum then...

ready the fire wood and burning stake...

but seriously. im not huge on fender acoustics most times, but it looks snazzy
Where the hell did slide guitar go!?!
its wierd but it looks like it would feel cheap i dunno why, but it still looks hot. How does it play?
Gotta say, never really liked the sound of Fender acoustics, but they sure do know how to make them look good!
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