we just recorded our first 3-Song demo last week (im the bassist). The sound isn't perfect and there are still some mistakes, but for a first demo it sounds quite okay You can listen to the 3 songs on my UG Profile (my favourites are Gods Sake and Wolverine) or on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/devariem . I will try to do C4C, but i dont know if i have enough time in the next week



There's a new song online at our MySpace http://www.myspace.com/devariem called "New World", feedback is appreciated, and I'll try to C4C again.
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Gods sake -
I like the guitar riff on this one, just make sure that it doesn't sound too fuzzy when you record it properly.
I think the vox suit the rest of the piece well... i really like the guitar 'hook', is the outstanding feature of the piece for me.
I like the guitar solo at 2.30, is quite unique in it's phrasing.
Seems like fairly good quality for a demo.

Time to go -
Guitar riffs are good in this one again, but same hesistation on the fuzziness of the tone.
Vox are suited again, quite individual to this style of music.
The drummer is really good, i really like his beats.
Seems like you (the bassist) have some skill too, can play this metal music really fast.
I liked this one too.

Wolverine -
Love the guitar riff on this one the best, my favourite of the three.
Good vox, just make sure that the singer doesn't strain his chords by shouting so much... could be disasterous if he does so.
I love the early panned solo fill at 1.07, fast to keep up with rest of music
Good break at 2.00 to lead into guitar solo, fast playing!

Keep it up!

crit me?
Hmm well its thrash

I listened to god sake

overall its not bad specially for a demo but its not the kind of hting that blows you're mind if tha tmakes sense. The riffs are kind of generic imo, and the solo is eh. Teh vocals aren't really my thing either lacks that legit punk rawness of bands like evil dead but doesnt have the cleaness of bands like forbidden. Not bad, not great, good work though.

C4C? Im into thrash as well http://www.myspace.com/vignig --> take a look at song 1 that ones totally done its also on my profile
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I loved the songs. Germany? F*CK YEAH! Thrash? F*CK YEAH!
Two things that go great hand in hand. If you guys ever come to the US we should play a few shows together.
Check out my thrash band. We only have one song up at the moment and our producer is a douche who made us record on electronic drum kits and guitar rig 3 so it sounds pretty digital.
Tell me what you think.


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C4C? Im into thrash as well http://www.myspace.com/vignig --> take a look at song 1 that ones totally done its also on my profile

I really like your guitar tone. Are you playing through an ENGL?
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Thanks for the feedback to you all, i will C4C as soon as possible.
For now the recordings were made completely through a Line 6 Toneport UX2 with the Podfarm software. Mastering and recording were done with adobe audition 3 (the sound was more raw and fuzzy at first, I had to make so sound much softer). All 3 Songs were done in around 6 hours
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