Ok, so i'm getting a Ibanez RG321 soon. It will be my 1st guitar that is worth any money. I've had 2 other heaps of Sh**. So anyway, i figure that at some point, if i make a good change up to some killer pickups i could be set for quite a while with this guitar. Right now i play Modern Rock, think Paramore, but i also want it to be able to play heavier stuff like Trivium and so on as this is the style of song i write in. So far i've figured that it's a toss up between EMG's and Seymour Duncan's with BK's being the ultimate. But for my style what do you think. I play through a Peavey Vypr 30W and play with a bit of reverb in my band but play with a much darker tone by myself when i'm writing songs. What would suit me best?
You won't really be able to tell much difference between pickups in your vypyr. I like Dimarzio personally as well as the 3 you mentioned. The stock ones in the RG321 are probly fine for a while though.
See how the pups sound through your amp before you decide you want to swap them.
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