So i was thinking that you touch yourself right. But that doesn't get me anywhere. I keep touching my anus(very sensitive when i shower so i just guessed) but that makes my penis get big and start pulsating. Do i grab it? Then what do i do.Im going on a date later on and i know when you don't want to have kids you pull out and pee on their legs but im worried since i've never masturbated that my pee will be so strong that it enters her pores and she gets pregnant. Please i dont' know what to do. I keep peeing but i don't know if that is considered masturbation or not. I mean i wiggle it sometimes but thats after i pee so what? Thanks guys, i really need the help.
guitar solo - "meh, every song got one"
bass solo - "OMGZ0R U IS PRO MENZ"