I know i'm most likely gonna get torn a new one here, but whilst walking around town yesterday, I found a shop that sells what looks like used gibson knockoffs. I wanted to come here and throw these names around and see what people think -

Burny (could be Bunny...not too sure)

The Burny actually said gibson on the head of the guitar. They appeal to me because I'm a first time buyer and they're cheap. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with them and what those experiences have been.
I never trust that kind of guitars, if you want a proper lp style guitar, look into Agile's AL series.
They are not really knockoff/counterfeits unless they say Gibson on them and they use the same headstock style. As long as a guitar is not an exact copy it's not really considered a knockoff/counterfeit. Most major manufacturers and lots of smaller companies use the LP and Strat style bodies. There are dozens of Les Paul Copies and even more Strat copies out there that are legal. Aside from the brand that has Gibson on it the others are probably just inexpensive copies out of China.

If your interested in them try them out check Ebay and do some online searches to see if any of those brands are for sale so you can get a good idea if they are worth what they are asking.

Edit: I did a search and found Burny and Greco guitars they seem very high priced for copies but I don't think they are legit. What were they askign for them where you saw them.

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the guitar shop near me had a burny, and they called it the bunny
i read that duff mckagan uses one in his band loaded
don't know anything about it though, haven't seen/played it in four years
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This might be of interest.


It give some history about Burny. I never heard of them before today and don't know how true the info is.

Another Edit: I found info on all of them it looks like all but the Blitz brand were or are made in Japan. Blitz are made in the UK they have a myspace page. Fresher brand is actually mentioned as one of the original "Lawsuit" era guitars.

I have been collecting guitars for many years and aside from Greco the other names are not familiar to me at all even Greco I'm fuzzy on not sure if I ever saw one.

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The Company is Bounry and they make no shame complete knockoffs of ESP, Fender, Gibson, Epiphone (though they sell them for the same price as the gibsons so idk who would get one). Yeah pretty F&@ked up, stumbled across it when i was gonna buy a zakk wylde off craigslist then thought better of it. heres the link to the zakk wylde guitars. http://www.bounry.com/index.php?cPath=30_41

oh yeah. just about all the guitars are 220-320 USD
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Burny is a division of Fernandes guitars and they specialise in Gibson style instruments. If one has a Gibson name on, it is either an old one (lawsuit era) or it has been replaced with a cheap sticker.
I have heard such good things about Burny Les Pauls, that I think they have earned a respect in their own right. A dealer I know stocks them and claims he prefers them to Gibsons as they are as good quality and much more consistent,
There are a number of Burny users on UG.
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Grecos are usually lawsuit copies and are MIJ. The serial is the most important.

You don't want a too early one (the original ones aren't so good) and a too late one (made in Korea). I think it's the 70's - 80's that are great...But if you find one from 1980's, you are a winnar. Problem - there is absolutely no way to tell the model number if the sticker falls off. You have to rely on whether there are pickup covers, the paint job, etc.

Edit: I'm not saying the early ones suck of course. Most Grecos have long/dowel tenons, with fret edge binding.

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