This song is pretty fast, and I'm doing all down picks on the verses (I think it's the verse). I'm doing my best with the pinches, and like I say in the description, stock Ibanez pickups aren't the best. The bridge is pretty hard for me with those jumbo RG frets, and you're stretching from the 1st to 5th fret. And I ruin the outro, but I didn't wanna do another take.

Aaaand, for some reason the quality is pretty bad in this video compared to my other ones... Idk why. Take a look at some of my other covers too if you so desire.
It's supposed to be all down picked though, because you play the E5 on the E and A strings. On your cover, you're just playing the E string. It was still really good though, you've got really good control of your fingers.