So i have my first guitar, the ibanez rg170 sitting around, not bein played at all so i decided i wanna probably switch the stock pickups out, and im lookin for suggestions. I'm a rock'n'roll kinda guy, ive got my s/s/s MIM strat that i use for hendrix and srv kinda stuff, but im lookin to get some fat crunchy ac/dc, zeppelin, van halen kinda stuff from a humbucker. the rg is a h/s/h but im only interested in swapping out the humbuckers, i dont use the singlecoil at all anyways on that guitar.

cosmetically, i think im gonna throw a purple pickguard on it with some gold gibson lp knobs and a gold bridge/tuners.

Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!
don't double post man

wrong forum? this should be in electric guitar.

you don't use the single coils? so you NEVER use the 2nd or 4th positions? i find that hard to believe.

maybe you should try out some of cord's pickups, at rockmonkeyguitars.com
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So what exactly are you asking, beyond what kind of pickup we suggest?

Because if you want to know about the pickups, then I would point you to a Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro or a Dimarzio Breed...
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or a super distiortion! (dimarzio)
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