So my bridge is lifting a little bit. I think i noticed pretty early so I'm happy about that. I noticed about 6 hours ago and immediately loosened my strings completely so they are not even putting any tension on the bridge. I tried to go to my local shop, but they were closed. It's an Ibanez AEG if that matters. My question is what should I do now? I have the guitar, with the strings completely loose. I wanna get it professionally fixed, who would do that? Any shop or would only a official Ibanez repair shop or something? I am worried about not having the string tension on my guitar. What should I do about that? Should I worry, how long do I have till i should worry, etc? Also, estimated price? It's slightly lifted.
Thanks a bunch. Appreciate it.
Good for you for loosening the strings immediately! *claps*

Any luthier or guitar tech should be able to repair it...so a Guitar Center or Sam Ash, or any luthiers should be able to fix it right up

Don't worry about the strings being loose...there is a misconception that not having strings on or at a loosened state would harm your guitar,...but that is completely untrue. Your guitar is good until you get it fixed. You aren't playing beat the clock with your guitar repair, except that I know you wanna get it fixed so you can play :P

I honestly couldn't give you an estimated price...sorry. If you have a plethora of guitar stores near you, you may want to ask around and see if you can get a better deal than the first one you go to...because this is a fairly common procedure, and it shouldn't cost too much.
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had the same issue just a few weeks ago. i took my guitar to a local shop and had it repaired and re-strung with a set of d'addario ej16's. total cost with tax was $80 USD.

of course, prices will vary depending on where you're located. this was in upstate new york. at least you might have a ballpark to go by, though.
i should have mentioned the guitar i had repaired was a late 70's hohner laminate. i'm sure the luthier who tended to it did more of a "quick glue and clamp" as david mentioned, but i was fine with that as i'm planning on an upgrade in the near future.
something else you might want to consider is WHY the bridge lifted. it could be the luck of the draw or poor gluing or building, but it could be something else that you can avoid in the future - something like using strings that are too heavy for the guitar (many guitars say not to use strings over lights or mediums) or that it's too humid where you live. if this kind of problem isn't taken care of, the issue can easily come up again on this guitar or others in the future.
get this. my bridge lifted because it was affixed to the top of the guitar with double-sided tape. i couldn't believe it! the luthier at the shop figures some moron tried an especially quick-n-dirty repair in the past.

either that, or hohner is even cheaper than i thought.