Im looking for a 2x12, tube amp with a high gain channel built in, a nice clean channel and a footswitch. I know that there's the 6505 combo, which is what i would get if it wasn't $1200. Something around 30-50W would be best so it doesn't have to be super loud to sound good. (or with a switchable output for practice)

I don't want to get used just because if something goes wrong there's no warranty or anything, or if i dont like it i can return it.

Is there anything comparable to the 6505 in tone for say.... $500-$700? I dont want to need additional pedals either (besides a noise gate). I play pretty much melodic death/core (ie. All Shall Perish, Darkest Hour, CoB, Conducting From the Grave) but i still use the clean channel a bit.

I want: High Gain 212
Budget: 500-700
New or Used: new only
Genres: Melodic Death/Core
Wattage: 30-50W (maybe a bit more, but definitely less than 100)
Gigging: Yes (but not large places)

Anyone? Oh, and no Valvekings, or B-52's

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What's wrong with B-52s?

just not for me

Ibanez RG7621
Ibanez RG121
Bugera are the only ones i can think of for this budget. And maybe a spider valvr

But really only buying new for this budget for a high gain amp is just shooting yourself in the foot to find a good amp
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+10000 more.
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+10000 more.

hmmm... i could get a used 6505 212 for 600... i guess ill go with that

Ibanez RG7621
Ibanez RG121
You might be able to find a mesa combo in your area on craigslist used for that price; it's not unheard of.

In the used vs. new debate:

Just because a new amp has a warranty doesn't mean it will be free to fix. Sometimes it will cost money to ship the amp back to an authorized amp service. More often than not when you're dealing with a company fixing something for you; you will get very long waits which can be a nightmare when you just want to play.

I can understand about wanting to return something; but just test test test things until you know exactly what you want man!

On the other hand; sure when you're buying anything used you have to consider the fact that it could break. But when you buy a used HIGH END amp you will be getting yourself a HIGH QUALITY amp. The parts are better, the labor that went in to the amp was better, and therefore it is much less likely to poop out on you than a lower end amp. IMHO of course.
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