Iv got my old S101 Precision fake in a case under my bed. Its a piece of junk but i dont wanna get rid of it because it was my first bass. Besides im sure the local Hard Rock Cafe will appreciate it when im famouse So i figured, i should upgrade it and maybe make it useful. Im thinking new pups, a new neck, maybe new pots and a new bridge. What does UG think i should do with it?

(Pics later if any one wants them)
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new pups, and a new neck if you can afford it. new pots won't change much, and a new bridge i'm not too sure about, but hey, if you want to.

what is your amp? that has a large effect on your tone.
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What's wrong with the neck? If I were you I'd keep it. Otherwise do what you want, I'm sure you'll like it better.
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dude i have a mexican p-bass that is a piece as well. im thinking of changing or adding a pup and changing the volume pot. i was looking at some seymour duncans and you should check them out.
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Slap a badass II bridge and some quarter pounders on that thing. That would make almost any bass sound good.
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Whats wrong with the neck is its slow, and REALLY unstable. I have to adjust it everytime i change the strings or just leave it sitting for too long. I just plain dont like the neck haha.

I was thinking about going with fender pups for that classic fender tone. But im up for any suggestions.

As for my amp, its getting replaced once i get a job. But still, the bass itself sounds like crap when compared with others on the same amp no matter what i do. Besides, i figure if im gonna keep it i should make it worth the space it takes up and it would be good experience