We all that, apart from the actual ability to play, Tone is just about the most important thing any guitar can have. So, what is your perfect tone?

Mine would have to be something like Satriani's in 'If I Could Fly', but raise the highs a little and make it more grittier.
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Hmm...either Alexi Laiho's from the HCDR album, or Max Cavalera's "Chaos AD" tone.
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Dave Mustaine's Youthanasia rhythm tone, Mark Morton's Sacrament lead tone
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All of David Gilmour especially in Shine On You Crazy Diamond
EVH - VH1, Unchained (studio recording) and Live Without a Net DVD
Whitesnake (John Sykes) - Still Of The Night
2003 Music Man Axis Pacific Blue Burst
the live clean tone from metallica's shows, and for dist/crunch/overdrive or whatever, i already live my dream
Adam Jones (Lateralus preferably) for dirty and 10,000 days for clean!!

And SRV for blues.
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While they're not very similar Kurt Ballou's tone on Converge's Jane Doe is godly, and Suffocation's tone on Effigy of the Forgotten is some other variety of godly.
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Slash for distortion
John Frusciante for wah and clean
Dave Navarro for clean (dont judge me)
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All the tones Andy Timmons has used.


My Rig ;D
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Most of Paul Gilbert's tones would work for me, although I'd like the ability to go real heavy (Amon Amarth or heavier).
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My dream tone would be an aggressive and modern distortion,with the EQ centered more on the bass and mids than the highs,but one that still has clarity and a good organic quality.With the tone rolled back or with the neck pup it would ideally warm up a bit and take on a fluid quality that would be good for shredding,solos,and other intricate playing.The cleans would be shimmering without getting harsh or quacky,and would preferably have a dark and warm quality with the neck pup and some control tweaking.The mid-gain would be typical blues grit,nothing fancy,just a classic tone.

Have I achieved this tone? No.

Am I close? Yes,close enough to be satisfied for the time being.


For cleans, SRV's tone. I judge all other clean tones by his. So chimey and full...

As for distortion, a smooth, almost wet sound with chimey highs. Think the lovechild of a Marshall and a Fender.
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Angus Young's tone in the Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap album
Other than that, I like Steve Vai's sound
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Adam D from KSE, definitely.
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early suicidal-mustaine tone
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Cleans: the sound of FFDP's clean parts
Dirty: Airbourne's sound
Effects: Tom Morello's sounds
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clean: a vox AC30 turned up to breaking point with a fender jazzmaster
crunch: marshall JCM800 style crunch, with a gibson les paul
lead: Listen to the solo on Kid Charlemagne by Steely Dan... THAT tone.
I like analogue Solid State amps that make no effort to be "tube-like", and I'm proud of it...

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The sound of a digital heavenly seagull.

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I would say Adam Jones' tone on the entire Opiate album (most notably the intro riff tone from "Cold And Ugly") but my current set up does it damn nice with a little more mid which sounds even better. I've got my dream tone for now and it is bliss.
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It has to be warm, on the wet side (but not too wet), gritty, but also cleans up well, and not heavily distorted.. Cleans should bright and warm, sort of like Frusciante's on "Under the Bridge".
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Satriani's tone in Always With Me; so beautiful.
That or Steve Vai's For The Love Of God tone.

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Somewhere between Mark Knopfler (Sultans of Swing & Telegraph Road, specifically) and David Gilmour (Shine on You Crazy Diamond, specifically).
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Distorted is a tough one....

I want John Petrucci's lead tone on Glasgow Kiss
For rhythm, I want Jonathan Donais on A Fire In Babylon

For clean, I want a little ballsier version of Mark Knopfler's tone on sultans of swing
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A heavy distortion tone with a lot of midrange. It has to be full, but also with a strong attack and harmonics.
It should be more like an over-gained rock tone than a metal tone.

Reference points: Opeth, Zakk Wylde, Phil Campbell, Daniel Hawkins.
Actually, not sure about Zakk. Sometimes his tone sucks.

Frusciantes cleans, Slash's crunch, and Bucketheads lead tone (Sail on Soothsayer, specifically)
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