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25 76%
8 24%
Voters: 33.
Whether you're out hitting on girls or relaxing with your friends.

Clubs have always been outside my comfort zone. Terrible music, where the primary thing to do is dance - and maybe Im saying this just because I suck at it - but unless it involves branching out and exploring other dance circles, I feel its just a way to fluff your time wastefully with your friends. Despite its chaotic outward appearance, clubs all have many different dance circles, and rarely do any of these circles feel as un-estranged enough to open up to neighboring groups.

As far as hitting on girls goes, there isn't much you can do in a club. A bar allows you to prove yourself with conversation, personality, humor, wit, charm, that sorta thing, etc. if your looks generally fail you (and mine do :P). No, with clubs attraction/acceptance leans onto a superficial balance of looks and body language.

Having said that, I will admit that bars have a single con, and that is that bars are less female oriented than clubs are, generally.

Thoughts ? experiences ?
Bars for sure! Although I don't drink right now, Rock Bars are the ****!
poll options are bad.
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clubs, I cant dance for ****, but the secret is to get drunk and not give a ****. Good times.
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Club rock. Dress well. Dance a bit. Hook up with a girl. Get laid.
What more could you ask for?
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Bars. I like the ones in Sydney though, on The Rocks, not the crappy dingy ones near me. Those ones are nice, and still have places to dance, but have better music, don't cost money to get in (seriously, they charge $8 a drink, why do clubs need to charge entry?) and you can sit down and talk with friends or people you meet there.

Clubs have music that's too loud, over price drinks, cost money to get in there's only a few places to sit down, and then when you do sit down you can't talk because the music is so damn loud, and generally the majority of people that are there are douchebags.