Hey all
I've recently started building a guitar. I have completed all cuts and routes and assembled the body with a humbucker in the bridge position. I've decided to route a neck singlecoil pickup position and am quite puzzled as to where to put it exactly.
i've setup a way where i can hang the pickup over the top of the strings while i'm playing and experiment in positon variations (like closer to neck, further from neck, angle away from neck, angled toward neck)

just wonderin if anyone else has atempted to put a neck single coil in their own guitar, and got puzzled as to where to put it. If you could include where you eventually did put it and your reasons for doing so, that would be great.
closer to the neck = more output and warmer and less treble.

closer to bridge = brighter and less bass.

slanted = more bass on treble or bass strings or more treble on bass or treble strings. How many frets. If 24, I'd leave like 1mm of space in between the neck and the pickup and not slant at all. If 22, I'd personally slant it a bit for the treble strings closer to the bridge. It's your build, so do what you want. Usually, people don't slant the neck pickup, but I would.
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Yeah i'm feeling ya.It's 22 frets. I just need a little confidence building from people who have done it before.