I bought a PA recently and some some cheap stands(thinking they were all the same). The socket on the speaker is a little bigger than the width of the pole on the stand. I took it into a music shop and was told I could stuff something into the socket so it won't wooble around as much or maybe there's some adapter out there. I got some dish clothes under them now, and it looks pretty silly. I could live with it though. Does anybody know of an adapter or any other advice on how to handle this?

This belongs in GG&A, not in the Newbie forum.
But there's no way anyone there will be able to help you with a vague question like that.

No make/model of the speaker.
No nake/model of the stand.
No measurments of the inner diameter of the receiver or the outer diameter of the pole.
No pics.

All we know is it's loose and it woobles.(sic)

I can't imagine where anyone would begin to help, without more information.
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