I'm self-taught, but I've been learning theorical stuff ever since I started playing guitar. I know to harmonize, notation, etc. But one of my friends, who takes lessons, mentioned something called 'rotten chords'. When I asked him about it, he got all cocky and superior and said nothing (bitch). I tried googling it and nothing. COuld anyone help me out?
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Rotten chords? Like... they've been oxidized?

Seriously, slap your friend in the face. He deserves it.

No such thing as a "rotten chord". Unless he means a chord that doesn't sound good to him.

EDIT: Either way... slap him for being a bitch.
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Maybe he means a dissonant chord, but I've never heard of a rotten chord...
make up your own names as well...

That'll show him
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Possible that his teacher uses rotten chord as a nickname for something else and your friend forgot the actual name. My teacher sometimes does that.
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He could be referring to a diminished chord or dissonant chord. What I am guessing is that his teacher calls the rotten chords just as sort of a pet name and he picked up on it. I am mostly self taught myself but I am in band class, and trust me you don't learn much theory in my band class, and my band director refers to some chords as "Crunchy Chords" hoped that helped at all. If he keeps cocking off just either slap him or learn more and then rock out on this awesome guitar solo using the Phrygian mode and then switching to the Mixolydian mode and he will be like " OH MY GOD! Teach me" and that is when you casually turn off you amp, casually lift your strap off of you and casually beat him with your guitar till there is no bone left unbroken.
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Tell him he doesn't know about Fadd9(no5th) chords. That's right.

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