Just wondering if making a homemade capo is bad for my acoustic (or electric while I'm at it).

I'm referring to the capo made from 2 rubberbands and a pen/pencil as shown in this vid:

I have an actual one coming in the mail, but I can't wait for it xD
I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure it's okay.
I've seen worse looking things that are store bought.
And pencils and certain pens are soft enough I'm sure it's alright.
I've seen just plain metal capos without any rubber guard or anything. So.
Looks reasonable. Maybe not for nylon strings, but with steel vs wood/plastic... the steel wins.

Even with nylon, by the time the capo did any damage, it's probably time to change the strings anyway.

She's pretty cute.
reminds me of a young christina ricci, and "ralph" that commented on her youtube vid semms pretty creepy.

makeshift capo will do fine until the real deal shows up... might cause some fret buzz, but not any damage.
It's not BAD per say, but in all honesty, you can't go out and buy a $15 Kyser Quick Chage capo?
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lived off that till I bought a little $4 Kyser capo. Seems almighty after living with the pencil/rubberband combo for so long
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