Hey guys, about a week ago, I lowered my strap and tried playing at that height to see if I could do it. I did so for about 1-2 hours and after doing so, my wrist started to hurt so I stopped it completely and raised it back again. After that day, I noticed that there has been a very slight pain/discomfort in my fretting wrist so I played very easy songs for the next couple of days. Now I am back to playing my regular songs that are faster and whatnot and the pain and discomfort is still there.

What should I do? Is this serious?
yo probably pulled something in your wrist a little bit, it should go away after a while, and also teach you not to crabcore with a guitar
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If anything, it could be inflammation. To reduce inflammation, you gotta bring the swelling down, so ice can help. dont freeze your hand tho, just make it like a nice cold temperature(no pain, skin doesn't turn red, just nice and cold). I am currently going through a similar pain, just not from the strap issue
will this lead to carpal tunnel or will ice do the trick and solve the problem?
carpal tunnel is onset by continous inflmation that wont go away. where it stays permanent i think. so just prevent inflamation or to fix your current one and never let it get worse i assume @_@