Hey everyone...Lately I have fallen in love with piano...But I have no idea how to read music and I cant seem to wrap my head around all of it..Maybe im over thinking it much? But if anyone knows the fastest way to read music for piano I would appreciate it...And if im not mistaken there isnt an alternative to piano like tabs or anything in that case for piano right? I would probably be better off learning to read music....So if anyone knows what will help me learn I would appreciate it. Thank you
Get an instructor...

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Sounds like you're not well acquainted with music in general. If you're willing to get a music teacher, it might help. Otherwise, buy a book about beginner's piano, and practice like crazy. Try saying the note aloud as you read and play it at the same time, and persist. It is never 'easy' but there are more efficient ways of going about it.

Edit: by the way I think you're talking about 'sheet music'.
Well once you get the basics of the notes, just practice easy stuff a lot. It'll become easy real fast. At least, that's how it worked when I played violin. Piano might be harder because of all the notes...
Just keep practicing.


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Sight reading just comes with time. It wont take you but a couple days if you really work at it.
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There's no easy way to learn how to read music and get it right. It just takes practice. Don't go for "shortcuts" because they really don't work all that well, I find.
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Theres plenty of programs u can download that help you practice. A lot of its freeware. I think Ive got something called 'Jalmus' (JAVA LECTURE MUSICALE).
Just do it everyday.
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