I stumbled across JMI Amplification, and i'm just confirming, are these just straight Vox clones? If so, are they better than than the Vox Custom Classics?

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JMI (Jenning Musical Instruments) were the original makers of Vox amps, so really these are the real deal and the modern Vox amps are 'clones'.

I believe the name was revived by the same guys who own HiWatt, and they make exact copies of original Vox amps - so it's very expensive, but the real deal.
Ok that clear things up. More expensive? How much would an AC30 run for?
Gibson Les Paul Custom
Fender American Tele

Orange Rockerverb 50
Orange PPC412
i tried one ages back, i can't remember the exact price, but i remember thinking it was a lot. Like well over a grand (in pounds). Would be worse for you considering you're in the states as you'd have to add postage etc.
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They do exact copies of the old Dallas Rangemaster, with NOS Mullard transistors. Cooooooooooooooooooool.

You can only get them in Denmark Street, or Leeds, of all places. What musical heritage does Leeds have except the sh*tty Kaiser Chiefs? *Looks forward to hearing Hendrix was actually from Leeds*

EDIT: U.S. Dealers
Guitars West
41110 Sandalwood Cir.
Ste. #113
Murrieta, Ca. 92562
Store: 951-894-3072

Phil Triantos
Chicago ,Ilinois

Tel: (312)217-4131
Email: info@jmiamplificationusa.com
Web: www.jmiamplificationusa.com

Music Brokers
Tel: +1 602230 7777
Web: www.musicbrokers.com
Email: jonny@musicbrokers.com

Lark Street Music
479 Cedar Lane, Teaneck, NJ 07666


Joe Walsh recommends apparently.
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looked up prices and they seem to be very expensive. like $3k-4k. so for two to three times as much, im not sure its worth it to get something like an AC-30 clone. im sure they sound fantastic, but those prices seem a little high to me for what they are.