when pulling the whammy bar down the springs are scraping causing the tremolo not to turn to it's original position. is there a way i can fix this? i tried adjusting the action to all different levels but the springs still continue to scrape.
what are they scraping against?

pics of the cavity with the bridge in the down, up and neutral positions.

it could be the knife edges not the springs.
I can't tell much from the pics but either your sprigs need to be replaced or you knife edge is worn out.
So when you do divebombs the springs get caught on the side of the route and that stops the bridge from returning to it's original place? If that's the case then I'm not sure what the professional course of repairing would be but have you tried lowering your action so your trem block is sitting lower within the route and hopefully leaving enough room for your springs to clear the routes edge.
Looks to me like you need to loosen the strings and tighten the spring claw some more. It looks as though you have no tension on the springs when the bridge is in its neutral position.

Can you take a picture of the bridge from the top side in its neutral position?