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6 12%
12 24%
13 26%
10 20%
3 6%
0 0%
2 4%
1 2%
2 4%
1 2%
Voters: 50.
talk about computer brands that you like or dislike and give reasons (or share a story) to back up your conviction. Who makes the best hardware? Who has the best value? Who makes the worst designs? Etc.

A poll will be made so dont forget to vote!

Edit: I voted Asus because it is a chord.
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I don't really care as long as I have internet.
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I go with Mac because I have a MacBook and I love it. But I also like windows pc's, I mean, they are good, its just their vulnerability to viruses that gets me. If I had the money, I would probably get an alienware though, just so I wouldn't have to buy another pc for a long time.
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I am using an HP right now so I voted for it. Although all the other computers I've ever had were Emachines.

EDIT: Emachines suck btw.
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i build my desktops, but my laptop is toshiba and i surprisingly enjoy it.
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Asus, because it's a chord.
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i built mine, but the motherboard is MSI so i put that
i dont buy computer brands, i get custom made ones. but i voted asus b/c thats my mobo
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asus rules all. everything i purchased from them has been awesome and works well even when its 3yrs old. but major brand names like hp and such i stay away from.
dunno, have an Acer laptop now thats allright (apart from the screen joints breaking twice in three years).

... Will buy a macbook pro in a few weeks so maybe change my opinon xD
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My desktop at my house is custom built. My laptop is a toshiba and it's surprisingly good, for how basic it is.
I'm not really a 'fan' of any brand of PC.
While my parents have bought that sort of thing, I've always had mine build to spec from either a local company, or(as with my current PC) by a company I found after much googling. Getting something like a Dell with a similar spec and software would have cost me a good couple of hundred quid more, and I've had no real problems, save what seems to be a loose bearing in one of the case fans.