this song was produced from a combination of several drinks and deprivation of sleep. hope you enjoy it.


I’ve got
Pills to make your mind implore
Sudden exasperation leads you to explore
Advancing through divided wars
More stimulating than before

So now
Should I help and keep these pills?
My intentions disperse at the strength of your will
Now I’m free of your subtle guilt
I’ll advance this division over the hill

Vigilance reveals a sudden adjustment
The outcome seems to take a perilous trend
I shift all my resources to your defense
Requesting explosives with vengeful intent

Get out! The timer is down to four
Not you, I’ve come to level the score
Stand still, you’re banned access through this door
Sold out! Your virtue has hit the floor

Surprising conclusion
Sadly, it’s just an illusion
"take your form
be my fear, be my hope
be the indication
if i'm right or wrong

take your most dreadful form
and let it be known"
he provided assurance
I absolutely loved those last 2 lines.
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