Have you heard Good Times, Bad Times by Led Zeppelin? Don't you just love the fast ascending pentatonic lick Jimmy does in the middle of the solo? Well it's pissing me off! I've been trying to get this lick right for a several MONTHS! I can play things way more difficult, but not this one! This may sound kinda weird, but I think my body trying to prevent me from playing this lick, well just the first 3 notes. Every time I try to pick these notes (A---14-12-14---), my hand just refuses to play it, like it just stutters. I also get this weird, tickling feeling in my spine! I can play it on ALL the other frets except 12th and 14th! Well anyway it's definitely F'd up. Maybe Page cursed it so only he can play it? Any help guys?
Just do what jimmy page probably did: steal all his music from some black guy and randomly hit the guitar furiously while on some drug.
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I can play it.
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I also have the pleaure of being able to play this... I am a slave to his magic
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My guess would be your right and left hand synchronization was thrown off right when you started the lick, because maybe you're used to starting with a lower note, and moving higher.

Ex (12---14---12) instead of (14---12---14)

Try starting with an up stroke if you're using alternate picking. If that doesn't work, then as usual, start as slow as possible and work your way up.
I only noticed this morning whilst driving in a very tired fashion that the lyrics to The Hunter feature in that song by Led Zep. Or it might be another song, but it's definitely on Led Zeppelin 1.
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