hey guys

Do any of you know how to create backing tracks using only the songs mp3
I want to get rid of the guitar or at least soften the sound so i can play with the recording without the guitar.

Current backing tracks on the net are fairly limited to mainstream songs

Are there any programs that do this?

to sum it up NO

but you could always see if the song your playing has its Guitars isolated on the left and right side

then turn down the side with the part your playing on it

all of these Instrumental backing tracks a either Limited edition tracks from artists like the producer edition of Lamb of gods Sacrament

or Re-Recorded songs by Random people
I'm pretty convinced those backing tracks are made in a studio, thus their rarity. I guess you should get a drummer, borrow a bass and play their sections. Or simply mute guitar tracks in guitar pro.
as much as i hate to bring up guitar hero, you can get a backing track if the song is on guitar hero, just go into practice mode, and select guitar, but don't play, and voila! perfect backing track.
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Quote by muckypup
You could save a Guitar Pro tab as a midi file and import it into something like reaper and add some instrument vst's to it so it sounds good.

Guitar Pro already has RSE which is fairly close to real guitar/bass/drum sounds.
well, sound systems like Sony GNZ7D has a "karaoke mode" where vocals and lead guitars are very very low.its very good for practice. normal songs can be played in that mode.
This is a very common misconception with people, you can't just download software that removes
the vocals or guitars, those master tracks are ripped from games like guitar hero or rock band where the creators have paid money to get copies of the studio tracks where they can simply mute the guitars and vocals.

To make backing tracks either make simple ones in guitar pro or import the midi into a DAW and then add soundfonts and VSTs to give it a more realistic sound.

Check around online on backing track sites,mainly the forum sections and you should find what your looking for