i cant decide on weather i should go the green back route or the alnico blue. i need advice since i have little to no experience with both. i wanna know how both compare in tone and responsiveness.
they are both great at what they do. i'm assuming you have an ac30 due to your name. alnico blue speakers work extremely well with ac30's. i personally prefer greenbacks with more marshally voiced amps.
what about webbers speakers. i was looking at the signiture speakers. they are pretty cheap but i dont know how they sound.
I preffer Greenback too.
Maybe you can try with Green Beret from Warehouse.I can try with Eminence, but this I can do it at weekend.
I using T-REX Mudhoney.
Weber makes awesome stuff, you cannot go wrong with his speakers, give Ted a call he will be glad to help you out and awnser your questions.
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