The Gibson SJ-200: the pinnacle of Jumbo acoustics. Decadent, beautiful, and powerful; an unstoppable force of looks and sound, the SJ-200 remains the guitar that all jumbos hope to be. Guys want it and girls want to be with it.

Too bad I can't afford this overpriced beast.

But I am thinking about getting a decent jumbo guitar. Dreadnoughts just don't do it for me anymore and I've got a hankering for that jumbo sound, the cream-your-pants bass and sweet, sweet, ambrosia-of-the-gods highs.

Noodling around on some jumbos in guitar center left me with the realization that I don't really know much about the brands behind them, and which ones are quality or not. So, I figured I'd come here and ask for some recommendations.

My budget is between $700-1500, but I am willing to take it to $2000 if it is absolutely worth it. Electronics and cutaways are not a must, I'm just looking for a purely acoustic monster to scare children with.

Oh, and before I forget: Someone recommended I try an advanced jumbo, but I didn't get the chance to try one when I was at the store because I was focused on the figure 8 shaped bodies. Are the slope-shouldered dreadnoughts similar to the jumbo tone or are they just enlarged dreadnoughts?
Ok. There are tons of sick Acoustic Jumbo's for that price. These are my picks for the prices...

GREAT sound, BEAUTIFUL look, EVEN BETTER price. Definitely my pick for any guitar at that price.

GUILD JF30 ($1000)
Has a great booming sound to it and the sunburst finish looks amazing also. Playability isn't as great as it could be because I think the neck is a bit slow, but its still great. Definitely worth a look. NO ELECTRONICS

Its a bit more plain to look at from the front but its finish is amazing especially on the side and back. Sound is amazing and the playability is great. Didnt spend too much time on this one though cuz i just thot it wasnt for me.

All in all, (pending on how much you're spending), I'd go with the TAKAMINE. Its great looking, great sounding, great playability, and price is unmatched. It's definitely my favorite for any guitar in that price. Or even in the 1000's. If not, go with the GUILD. But definitely play them before buying. I'm just a random user on the internet. See what you like.
Find a Stonebridge stockist and ask about SJ body shape models of the Millennium range. They usually come with solid Cedar tops and either solid Mahogany or solid Rosewood back/sides. There are Spruce tops also available. These are all handmade and, price for price, will eat anything from Martin or Taylor. In fact, a friend of mine recently compared one with a £4000 Fylde and said there was not enough difference for a £500 gap, let alone a £3000 one.
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My personal recommendation - the Seagull Entourage Mini Jumbo
There's also one without electronics for about $100 less. They're made in Canada, solid top, laminate sides, and have a sick tone. I'm not Canadian, but there's something about that Canada tone I love. When I was trying out guitars, I also tested some pretty sweet Guild guitars. I don't know where you are, but here's what they have and you can find a dealer near you

Also, in regards to
realization that I don't really know much about the brands behind them, and which ones are quality or not.

forget about the name on the headstock. Your ears and eyes are the best judge. If it plays well, and there are no visible issues, loose joints, etc., you should be good to go. My $.02
^ I would say forget the entourage series Seagull and go for the new Maritime Solid Wood Series(SWS). All solid wood guitars for about $650USD. Seriously good stuff.
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If you want something quality and handmade in the jumbo epartment without breaking the bank TOO much go to alistair atkin


his small jumbo, is for my money, one of the best around regardless of price

might be an upcharge to switch to the maple of your desired Gibson but it'll be well worth it
i almost bought a takamine EG523SC but after comparing it to jumbos that really deliver big beefy sound, i realized it didn't. and if you're looking for a tone monster with plenty of bass, i haven't found mini jumbos to deliver. dreads don't deliver what a good jumbo delivers, and i haven't found that advanced jumbos do, either.

since you can't afford a goodall jumbo - and those are THE best jumbos i've heard - why not go for either a used gibson? if you want to go new, i definitely suggest a Gibson SJ-100. it may take a bit of searching to find the acoustic version of the SJ-100 or the acoustic electric version in your price range, but most of these that i played delivered the goods. the guild sounds worth trying and you might try the taylor 315CE jumbo, as well.

i tried a J-185 and really liked it, and although i tried the sunburst (read more expensive) version, i'd say that based on the other one, this one http://www.guitarcenter.com/Gibson-J-185-EC-Ovangkol-Cutaway-Acoustic-Electric-Guitar-515045-i1173803.gc would be worth playing.
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