I have asked here (but, have mainly been blanked) about finger independence.

I didn't understand whether it would work or not, but after three days of doing Freepower's exercises for just 10 minutes a day, my pinky is coming under massive control.

Different finger patterns and going faster make my pinky fly out still, but i'm now going to treat this as any other exercise and find at which point my pinky starts flying out, and then fix it. My aim is to be playing at the speed i can play at now (about 116bpm) with perfect economy.

This post is mainly for all the 'omgz i waNT TO go well fast' people - finger independence and a metronome are the way forward, trust. Look at the videos and get your hands under complete control and the speed will come on its own.
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finger independence and a metronome are the way forward, trust.


Also, relaxing your hand so that your little finger doesnt "fly out" If there was no tension, it wouldnt move.

p.s. i love the expression "fly out"
link please!
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For all of those "OMG shredzors" people, I will point out that speed doesn't come from practicing speed. Speed comes from practicing coordination and control - when this become muscle memory, your body will naturally be more coordinated and capable of playing at faster tempos. Also for the "OMG shredzors" people, speed is a means to an end, not an end of its own. Speed for its own sake is merely sports guitar, not music.
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Noone posted the link?

Freepower is a person. Do a search on Freepower with the drop down set to "User" and you'll get to his profile which has all of his blogs and lessons.