So I saw 3DD on July 4th and they sounded about as tight and professional as anyone could ask for, especially the guitars. I, like many guitarists, love to scope out the rigs of the big dawgs when I attend their shows. I was fourth row left, which put me right in line with Chris Henderson's rig. I spied his amp head rack, and tried to discern what amps he was using. I determined the first was a Hughes and Kettner. However the second head bore a logo which simply said "the red box" on the back.

So I google this "red box" because I'd never heard of it. Come to find out, the HK Red Box is a DI box. Here is where I get confused.

Every version of the red box I find online shows it to be a small, pedal sized unit. Yet, the "red box" I spied in Chris's rack case was the size of an amp head, same dimensions, etc. I actually though it was an amp of sorts until I googled it. Does anyone have an idea of what the hell I was looking at?
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Perhaps a rack mount version?
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Perhaps a rack mount version?

I'd say this is the most likely. Like the ISP Decimator which comes in both pedal and rack.
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Well it could also be a custom build made to fit his rack?

This is a good possibility. Some companies will make special one-off units for bigger-name pro musicians. Mojave Amp Works made one 50W Scorpion head in a rack mount version just for Billy Gibbons. As far as I know, no others exist. Just an example.
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i dont think this really helps, but its a really cool video. shows chris hendersons rig and how he switches to his backup head. pretty sweet

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Rack mount, maybe. But you would think a Rack Mount version would be thin like other rack mount gear. This thing was literally the size of a tube amp head.
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