Hey everyone,

This is my first post and i been meaning to put these up for some time. I threw these couple of songs together in my free time and im just looking for some honest opinions.

Another question, im having trouble figuring out what genre i could clasify these songs as so if anyone has some suggestions that would be great.

Thanks to all

madd sick.gp5
wickid sick.gp5
wickid sick.gp4
madd sick.gp4
Sorry, don't have time right now for a full decent crit.
But genre wise, id put it under hard rock. I can imagine a band like Papa Roach playing something similar.
Errmm, I think the drums were really good and solid throughout both songs. All the riffs and leads are pretty sweet sounding too, but I think a tad repetitive and same sounding, could just be me though
Oh, and both are fairly short, but maybe you want it that way.

Overall, I think you got a couple of decent songs here.