It's not bad really, just make sure you keep it completely clean at all times, only a few slip ups but apart from that i'd say it's pretty good.

What i'd now do if i was you, back it up about 30 bpm, put it on the cleanest amp channel you have an really get it sounding good, then up your speed back to where you are now, and i guarantee you'll be playing like a motherfúcker.
Sounds pretty good.

Are you using only 1 sweeping pattern just moved around? Sounds diminished. Almost like some Zelda boss battle song.

If so try learning some to sweep some major arpeggios. Learn as many sweep shapes as you can, and then link them all up. Can really learn how to change the mood with just sweeps.
pretty damn clean, i think its really good especially for how long you have been playing, your way better than me
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How do you do that?

I've tried sweeping and I just don't get it.. I don't understand how to do it.

Can someone link me up to something that helped them sweep?
Very good. I am not a sweeper myself and I hope you're doing more than just sweeping...haha...but it sounds excellent for the short amount of time you've been playing.
Not bad. Keep practicing, but do not focus on speed. Focus instead on accuracy and perfection. Speed with come with accuracy and coordination, not from trying to go fast.