I'm about to recieve a 600eu paycheck.
I'm thinking about upgrading some of my gear.
I now have a:
- fender tele standard
- hughes and kettner tube 50 head
- london city 412 original greenback cab
- boss delay/reverb, behringer wah, tuner pedal
I would like a more heavy sound and some new usable effects.

So: - Buy a hot stacked pup for my tele and buy a tremolo,phaser, fuzz and chorus new. (about 500)

or: - buy an epiphone les paul used, put new pups in (about 400) plus some effects

or: - sell amp (for about 450eu) then buy new head (orange).

Wich one would you do?
Or would you do something else with the money, just say what you would do!
the sound I'm searching for: isis, tool, cult of luna, mastodon, baroness.


I never listen to metal of that genre, but a better wah (prefferably ones that can handle high gain like a Dimebag wah).
It also matters on which Orange, the TT from what i hear is a one trick pony, the cleans weren't so great.

If i got 600 EU, i would dish it out on a good metal guitar, prefferably loaded with EMG/Blackouts. And after that a good metal wah.
id get a new wah. id recomend a morley one and get some new pups for your tele
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I would sell your amp and buy a new head. I dont know how euro money is but then you'll have around 1000euro and that can probably buy you a good head. Maybe a Peavey 3120/6505 head. Thats what I would buy but thats just because I think Peavey amps have great metal tones. But switching pickups is also a good idea, maybe get EMG 81/85s.
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