I Wasnt sure where to put this but Its on my Bass so..

Yeah, The Strap Button keeps ripping out everytime I wear my Bass,
I Tried tightening the Screw but it just keeps on turning in the hole.
And It does no good anyway.

So How can I keep the strap button in without it ripping out basically.


drill a new hole and move the button or fill with wood filler and redrill.
or try a bigger screw.
I use larger wood screws on all my instruments. Note: "larger" as in slightly bigger than the ones that came with the instrument, and not some huge fukken bolts. Plus I never take my strap off the instrument, I pull it off over my head. I never have problems with straps falling off right in the middle of "showing off" on stage.
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Just do the simple thing, stick a match in there and screw it in again, will be nice and tight
Do not drill a new hole or use a larger screw.
Simply cut a piece of matchstick to the correct length then dip that in wood glue and inesrt into the hole. Use your oiriginal strap button screw to create the correct thread in the plugged hole - easy peasy .
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This happened to me, I ended up using araldite to keep the screws in. All I have to say is while it keeps the pins in I can't take them out and put strap locks on.
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from a previous thread-
toothpicks and white glue or wood glue. dip toothpick in glue, insert in hole, break off flush with body. repeat this process until hole is completely filled. let dry overnight, re-install strap button. btw, i still have to retighten my strap button every week or two.
I recommend a screw that's slightly larger in diameter.
Always works for me.
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I am all for toothpicks and wood glue... if it can keep a door hinge from coming loose, it will work for an instrument.
Lol! These are real good, the Matchstick works great, if it comes out then I'll try the other suggestions

Taa (Y)


If it comes out do this,

Drill the hole out and then get a piece of dowl that frits it the hole and glue it in. Make sure it doesnt overlap. Then rescrew the strap button.
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dry wall anchor. the blue ones with coarse ass thread. umm. wood filler, dried then rescrewed. use the original scews for your bass, not the ones in the package with the locks (thats what i did). i guess you could use toothpicks or matchsticks but thats just lazy to me. wood filler can be picked up from a local hardware store (not home cheapo) for around 5 bucks for a small one. anchors can be picked up for around 25 cents a peice. i wouldnt suggest the anchors. id suggest the wood filler and redrill the hole. thats just me
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Matchsticks are the best solution as they're made from soft wood which will reshape easily, guitar bodies are hardwood which flakes rather than reshapes when a screw is over tightened.
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I had a similiar case with my first bass. When the screw came out, I thought to myself - no wonder that happened with such a short screw. My solution - LONGER and SLIGHTLY THICKER screw. Even tho toothpicks and matches game works well, IMO there's nothing better than something bigger and longer to jam in to that tight hole.