Normally I wouldn't post a New "Pick" Day because who cares about new picks? Well I had custom picks made for my band and feel this calls for a post! Clayton did a really good job with these. I was surprised how well they came out. The picks are thins and I opted for acetal- I'll be getting mediums in the mail soon. Yay!

Your band name pun pleases me immensely.
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Edit i made one out of a old cd but they way to thick for me to play with
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Also look at InTune picks. Its $40 for a gross of custom picks. Thats better than the best deal I can find for un-customized picks...
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Well I had custom picks made for my band and feel this calls for a post!

Swing and a miss!
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im so jealous i want one!!
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gosh I hate baseball.

Me too

But i love the little bird on your picks
We need more new pick days around here.
Atleast then we know our fellow UGers have spent their money on something less dramaticly controversial.