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I have a slightly unconventional pedal setup to say the least, and I'd like to tap into the knowledge and wisdom I have found on here to see if I can make any improvements to my order/sounds/blahdyblah. This is my first post and any help offered would be greatly appreciated.

So here goes:

I play a Danelectro '63 Baritone guitar into a Radial Bigshot AB-Y pedal (link). The 'A' Output then feeds into an Electro Harmonix LPB1 (link), followed by a Boss OC-3 (link). This then goes out to a custom made A/B pedal, with the 'A' channel feeding directly into the 1st dirty channel of my Marshall 4140 Club Country (link) , and the 'B' channel feeding into an Electro Harmonix Metal Muff (link), which feeds out to the clean 2nd channel of my Marshall 4140 Club Country.

Going back to the Radial Tonebone AB-Y, the 'B' channel feeds into a Boss RC-2 (link). This then feeds into an Ashdown Dual Band Compressor (link), feeding into an Ampeg Sub Blaster (link) with the direct level all the way down and the octave level all the way up. The following pedal is a Boss NF-1 Noise Gate (link) to cut down tracking noise. This finally feeds into an Electro Harmonix Big Muff (link) which then feeds into a Selmer Treble n Bass 100 SV (link) running a Marshall 1935b 4x12 angled cabinet and a Marshall VBC412 4x12 cabinet (both bass cabs).

The idea of this set up is to basically not need a bass player! And it works pretty damn well. I am very happy with my sound, but being a gear junkie, I am always looking for improvements, so anything anyone could suggest as replacements or tweaks would be fantastic.

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Using a real bass + bass player will make it sound better.

Sorry, was bound to be said

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only unit in your chain I dislike is that boss noise gate. Better off with an ISP decimator IMO...even though thats a suppressor not a gate.
WTLTL 2011
I did try some suppressor pedals, they had a nast habit of killing the octave off a little early. I have to admit, the Boss Noise Gate is the least favourite pedal on the board, but it kind of fell into my posession and has found it's place. I dunno whether a noise gate designed exclusively for bass would be a better option, but there don;t seem to be many on the market.
Wow, a wet/dry rig for octaves... Great idea. I wish I had some stuff capable of this.
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Unless its electronic drums.

It does make a bit of a racket! The Radial Tonebone is a great, cheap way to split your signal.