1) how good do floodlights work for stage lighting
2)What does this floodlight description mean "Sold as each. 300W. 120 volt. White quartz halogen mini single head floodlight. Sturdy weather and rust resistant metal housing. Hinges keep lens frame in in place when re-lamping."
3) are these good lights for these prices



4)how to change the color of the lights inexpensively (household things).

Some backstory
I'm in a speed metal band from watertown Ct. I'm thinking of rigging up my drummers garage with lights and **** so we can play gigs for small crowds there.
I need simple staging (drum platform, lighting, PA ing, small stage platform.)
So if you can answer any of these questions I'd appreciate that. I'd also appreciate if you try to answer as many questions as you can and as thorooughly as you can, because my budget is pretty tight and I don't want to make mistakes.