Who would even want to reduce it? It's fantastic.

Anyway, post all of your gain and level settings, guitar, amp, and your own positioning to your amp..

Aint exactly giving us much to work with
Lol? So you joined 2 months ago, and jumped on the report band wagon? Loser is the keyword i believe :P
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this should go in the gear threads. *reported*

sorry, its kind of annoying to sift through crap to get what you need to find

This IS the gear thread, isn't it?

TS, have you tried shielding your guitar cavities properly?
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This IS the gear thread, isn't it?

holy crap my took a **** on me..... i havent exactly had a regular sleep schedule... sorry

EDIT: oh duh a mod move it. wow i feel dumb about thinking i was dumb.... it not fair to confuse someone who cant sleep jk
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What kind of feedback? What does it sound like?

Screechy and sudden or smooth and sustaining, like a long not? How loud are you when you get it? How close are you to the amp?