ok i got my peavy vypyr 75 today problem is because i got it over the internet i didnt test it out first that or even see it. its kinda too big for my room and the other problem is with my first amp it had no effects on it and i just used my pedals for distortion od wah and delay which is all i really need and the vypyr has so many effects and i just dont need or want them so im think im going to exchange it for another amp.

so UG my question is is there an amp for around £250 has good cleans and takes pedals well its for home and band practise and i play metal mostly (BFMV trivium metallica maiden) but i have a dist and od pedal so amp doesnt need good distortion
I was going to say Laney VC15, until I saw you play metal.

Maybe the LC15? But I don't think its cleans are as good, can someone correct me?

TBH, just keep the Vyper and play with just the amp.
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Man are you kidding me!?!?!..... exchange the vyper for something else alright here is the thing i did almost the same thing as you with my Behringer gx212 trust me all the effects will get used sometime or later and everyone knows bigger is better inless its a tweed amp, but if you really want to exchange it go to guitar center and go to the used rooom and try one out there about the only place that lets you try it out alot of the music stores ive been to eiter try it out for you or breath down your neck.
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what if i change it for the vyper 30 because at the moment my moms said i cant keep this one
and this is a noob question but will the vypyr take all my pedals alright i havent put them in yet cause i just wanted to check
Hmmm...cleans and pedals, sounds like a Roland Jazz chorus would be right up your alleyway mate. As for VC's they can do metal with the right pedals and eqing.
#1 go used
#2 try one of those vox night trains out
#3 blackhearts or whatever the high gain 5 watter is, I can never remember, but just like 15 watts would probably serve you well
Blackstar HT-5 Combo?
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thanks but thats a tad ( like £500) outta my price range

A used VC30 is well in budget. It is a great sounding amp and is also suitable for gigging, if you join a band. I ended up selling my 210 for £180, 2 years old. Fantastic buy.

And why did you buy an amp you'd never even tested? Did the thought not even cross your mind to try one in a shop?

If you are within the exchange period, take it back straight away.

Another option, if you want to use the amp soley for home playing is the Blackstar HT 5. 5 watts so its small, reasonably quite (when you want it to be, that is) and its valve. It really is a great amp! I've played at least 5 different ones, and the tone is consistanly good!